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No, You need to register with us in order to use our service

Completing your return online it takes 10-15 minutes if you have the information ready.

As soon as the return is submitted to us, it'll be transmitted to IRS.After that, it takes 24-48 hours to receive the confirmation from IRS about the status of your return. We communicate to you via the registered email about the status of your return periodically.

Yes, you can save at any point and come back later to file your return.

Yes, you can have multiple companies with single user registration.

The Employer Identification Number is a 9 digit number assigned by IRS.

A Third Party Designee can be any other person who has been given the authority to discuss your tax payment details with the IRS.

Please use "Forgot Password" link at the home page and enter your registered email-id to recover your password.

You don’t need to print the form. After completing the return you can submit the form with us to send your return electronically to IRS.

We keep your electronic returns for 2 years online. If you want your old return copies, please call our customer service center.

If you want your old return copies, please call our customer service center.

ETAX8868.com is an authorized and accredited IRS service provider to have the approved simple software application techniques in user-friendly web platform like one-to-one conversation in terms of basic interactions and for safest financial transactions. This kind of question and answer oriented software from ETAX8868.com will ably guide you through step-by-step process to finish off successfully e-filing for the required automatic extension of time of 3 months for forms under part-1 and non-automatic extension of time of additional 3 months for forms coming under part-2 of IRS form 8868. With more than half a decade experience in handling different IRS tax forms from time to time "ETAX" as an approved and trusted IRS tax partner with the robust tax software which is highly encrypted for your financial security is therefore the best source for you for e-filing your tax returns or for any request for getting the required extension of time as prescribed by IRS. We update you with latest information and news from IRS to keep you in abreast of information at all times. Here is the latest information update from IRS as appeared -

"Revision to Form 8868, Application for an Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return, (Jan 2017)

We are revising the Instructions for Form 8868, effective immediately. We added the following paragraph to the end of page 4, right before the "Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act."

"CAUTION! If an organization has not filed the required Form 990 series for three consecutive years, and if the due date (or extended due date) of the third year’s filing has passed, the tax-exempt status will be revoked to the original filing date. If you have received an approved extension from the IRS for filing your return, and have not filed your return with the IRS for three years (including during the approved extension period), please go to Automatic Revocation of Exemption for details on revocation and reinstatement for an exempt organization."

Therefore ETAX8868.com can offer the comfort of e-convenience for charitable organizations filing different forms as per the application form Part-1 of IRS [s1] 8868.This shall always mean that 990 or Form 990-EZ with return code-01, Form 990-BL with return code-02, Form 4720 (individual) with return code-03, Form 990-PF with return code-04, Form 990-T (sec. 401(a) or 408(a) trust) with return code-05, and Form 990-T (trust other than above ) with return code-06, Form 990-T (corporation) with return code-07,Form 1041-A with return code-08, Form 4720 (other than individual) with return code-09, Form 5227 with return code-10, Form 6069 with return code-11, Form 8870 with return code-12 for automatic extension of 3 months time and if required further extension of time may e-file under part-2 of form 8868 through ETAX8868.com after undergoing or at the completion of initially granted automatic extension time of 3 months. Normally the due date is May 15th in a calendar year for the 99% forms falling under IRS form 8868 excepting 1041-A which happens to have the due date as April 15th in a normal tax year for USA Individual Income tax filings. ETAX8868.com will help extend your due dates initially for the automatic extension period of time 3 months through part-1 e-filing and if it is required, we can help you with additional extension of 3 months which is non-automatic.